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The Balloon MD is a Gastroenterology Clinic located in Tampa Bay Florida which specialized in the non-surgical weight loss systems  ORBERA™ and OBALON TM, provided by the Gastroenterologist Israel Crespo, MD.

Dr. Israel Crespo have extensive experience in multiple endoscopic procedures, performed at the highest quality levels.

“In my twenty-seven years as a gastroenterologist, I have witnessed the growing epidemic of obesity in our country. I have seen how many patients struggle with weight issues that significantly and adversely affect their health. Many of them have asked me what I can do to help them, and I have given them in good faith advice on how to change eating habits and healthy eating, but still in my mind I knew the struggle was great, particularly if we try to achieve weight control without using medications that have significant potential risks and side effects.

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The American College of Gastroenterology has taken an initiative to reduce obesity as an important issue in view of the mounting data on the increase risks of gastrointestinal diseases that are obesity related (ACG Obesity Initiative), something missing for the longest time. 

ORBERA TM system had been a tool that have helped patients reach healthy weight. So far, I have performed more than 33 placements during the last year and half with more placements scheduled, and provided all the necessary elements that lead patients to a successful transition to a portion control eating habits that they should be able to maintain.

In 2019, I am adding OBALON TMWeight Loss program which have similar guidelines for candidates, such as BMI of 30-40 with no previous gastric surgery and six (6) months maximum treatment period. The program have three (3) buoyant  swallowable balloons (done in-office)  which are placed gradually over less than three (3) months to maximized patient tolerability.

Both plans provide guidance on exercise, healthy nutritional choices and it is medically supervised without using appetite suppressant drugs. The ORBERA TMand OBALON TMprograms are a complete one-year commitment into your health. I hope this is the year that you take charge of your health and commit to a comprehensive drug-free weight reduction program.”

– Dr. Crespo

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