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Welcome to The Balloon MD!

The first private practice on the Tampa Bay area specializing in FDA approved weight loss gastric balloon program ORBERA TM

The Balloon MD is a Gastroenterology Clinic located in the heart of Tampa, Florida specializing in the non-surgical weight loss system ORBERAprovided by the Gastroenterologist Israel Crespo, MD.

At the beginning of 2021 Dr Crespo has performed 70 Orbera placements. He has experienced many successful stories, when patients have committed to make an investment in their life and make positive habits changes to achieve their weight loss goal with the help of the Orbera Program. The first step, is to commit to make a change, the second is to call our practice to make a consultation and meet the Doctor. We will be there each step of the way in this changing process!

We offer Certified Health Coach services to all patients who enter in our program and we are the ONLY practice as of this time, who have bilingual (Spanish) speaking physician and staff.

ORBERA® Program :

  • Medically Supervised by Gastroenterologist
    • Crespo will do the procedures ( experienced in more than 40,000 endoscopic procedures, more than 25 years experienced,
    • NO outsource unknown doctor required;
  • FDA Approved;
  • Non-permanent;
  • Proven safe and effective.

20-Years Global Clinical Experience

More than 300,000 devices distributed worldwide
Assisting weight loss for over 20 years
FDA Approved

The Balloon MD is adding Certified Health Coach Services!

Personalized patient care is what sets The Balloon MD apart.

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Office Visits & Appointments

Office visits are available by appointment only. Please call at your earliest convenience to 1 (844) 634-5623 to book your appointment.

The Balloon MD is proud to present, Leonor, who lost 57 pounds with the Orbera Weight Loss Program.

``The Orbera Balloon has motivated me to do more and because of the balloon I am so happy with my results. I am determined to keep going and to be a happier/ healthier me!”

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