ORBERA™ Vs. OBALON™ Difference

Know the difference between programs

TypeLiquid Filled BalloonGas-Filled Balloon
Previous TestNONEGi series; H. pilori test
Device PlacementEndoscopy under conscious
Three (3) Swallowable capsules -no anesthesia or sedation.
Material / Filling AgentSilicone rubber filled and saline Multi-layer, non-porous, nylon polyethylene polymer with a proprietary nitrogen gas mix.
Balloon Volume700 cc max750 cc total volume
250 cc per balloon
Progressive Volume Over TimeNo, total volume added during the initial placement750 cc total volume
250 cc per balloon
Total Weight (g)Up to 900 gWeight <10g ( ~3 g per balloon)
Balloon Residence Location in the stomachAntrum (bottom)Fundus (top)
Device Removal Endoscopy under General Anesthesia (intubation) or conscious sedation
Case by case decision
Endoscopy under conscious sedation (intubation not required)
BMI Candidate30-40 30-40
Hiatal Hernia Disqualification>5cm>2cm
During 6-months placementNo lifestyle restrictions.No scuba diving;
No permanent change in residency above 4,000 ft of treatment site or 2,500 ft below of treatment site.
Medical ConditionsNo pregnancy allowed;
No prior GI or bariatric surgeries
No pregnancy allowed;
No swallowed abnormalities;
No active H. pylori;
No prior GI or bariatric surgeries.